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Duncan White
Candidate for Braddon

Duncan, his wife and three children moved to Tasmania in 2013 to be closer to family. He is an IT professional with experience in small business, education, banking and manufacturing industries. Outside of a career he volunteers for a mental health charity and his local church. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring stunning Tassie with his young family.

In typical Australian fashion, Duncan experienced the burden of a home mortgage which lead him to question fading housing affordability. Investigating government controls such as interest rates and inflation gave him a desire to see a free market in housing to tackle our skyrocketing household debt.

While Duncan sees a need to return to sound economics, he believes it's irrelevant without a moral backbone. His conservative values start with a high view of consent and freedom of association. This includes those with differing opinions. Good ideas don't require force. It is the government's role to defend us from the aggressor not become one! It is obvious to Duncan, governments radically overstepped this role in their disgusting response to the recent coronavirus pandemic. While safety measures are often required in the real world, governments need acknowledge individuals have a right manage their own property and risks as adults.