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Dougal Cameron
Candidate for Bennelong
Dougal Cameron is a Bennelong local. Born and raised in Sydney, he also spent two years in China where he first saw the power of private enterprise to transform the lives of everyday people. Upon his return, he and his siblings founded the podcast & YouTube channel ‘Carnage House Productions’, where he has been able to have thoughtful and fun conversations with Australian political icons, as well as recording himself being escorted out of the Sydney Socialism Conference. His amateur media career opened the door to his producing job at Penthouse Magazine Australia, one of the only media mastheads in Australia that retains its commitment to creative freedom. Dougal graduated from the University of Sydney in 2021 with a Batchelor’s Degree of Commerce and is currently working in a financial services startup. 

Dougal is running with the LDP to give Bennelong residents the option to vote against big government and for personal freedom instead. He doesn’t pretend to know what's best for you so he is committed to giving you the power to control your own health, money and lifestyle choices. He strongly believes in returning to the ‘old normal,’ lower taxes, reducing regulation, freedom of speech and cheap and abundant energy.