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David Gardiner
Candidate for Canning

Born in Perth, David identifies strongly with libertarian values of freedom of speech, individual responsibility and free markets that allow small business to flourish. Early in the pandemic he noticed injustices and became acutely aware of human rights violations and disregard for basic civil liberties.

Seeing the irrational and harmful actions against workers and small businesses, he joined the LibDems as he saw they advocated for greater freedoms. While only recently becoming politically active, he is committed to supporting bigger causes, and believes there is none bigger than human rights.

David left high school at 15, studying first at TAFE then Curtin University where he earned an Arts degree. Having worked for mineral exploration companies, and following postgraduate studies, he moved to the eastern states and completed a Master of Natural Resources.

Returning to develop an agricultural project in southwest WA, he has since pursued a passion for writing and publishing in various contracts over the past 15 years, and maintains a strong interest in defence matters.