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Dave Marshall
Candidate for Pearce

I am not a lawyer, I’m not a journalist, I’m not a career politician. I am a diesel mechanic that has just become fed up with the treatment of everyday people, by people who feel they should control us. I believe that it is a politicians duty to protect the rights of the people, and to that I will fight for a “Bill of Rights” so that our freedoms are not so easily dismissed, or removed by inconsistent bureaucrats, and contradictory decrees without once allowing us the dignity to have the information and make our own decisions.

I want to see a world where you can make your own decisions, be who you are, without the interference of forced beliefs. I do not believe that a central government has the ability to generate good outcomes for millions of individuals, and that it should be the individual that makes those decisions. That’s why I support true education reforms which will leave the power in the hands of the individual, and increase learning outcomes through introduction of competition to providers, where your input has effect.

If elected I will not vote for any increase in tax, or loss of liberty and freedom