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Daniel Lewkovitz
Candidate for Wentworth

Daniel Lewkovitz is The Chief Executive Officer of Australian security and life safety firm Calamity. Under his leadership in ten years the multi award winning company has grown from a single customer to protecting thousands of Australians, billions in assets and iconic brands and critical infrastructure.

Daniel is considered one of the country’s foremost experts in security and risk management and has internationally recognised qualifications and expertise in information security, physical security, antiterrorism and public safety spanning three decades. His company is a major employer of people with disabilities and his staff have saved many lives.

Born in Sydney to a postwar migrant family Daniel was educated at Sydney Boys High School and the University of Wollongong. His LinkedIn profile is a rare beacon of commercial reality and commonsense in a sea of virtue signalling and tribal politics. Daniel is a fierce critic of government interference in business and an environment which rewards dishonesty and discourages small business at every level. He is a believer in free speech and a fair go as well as rewarding and supporting those who take risks and work hard to build the nation.

He has entered politics frustrated by the lack of talent in Parliament and a class of bureaucrats and politicians who’ve sacrificed a generation of other Australians despite having no skin in the game themselves.