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Damian Willis
Candidate for Dunkley

Damian Willis will be running as the Liberal Democrats candidate for Dunkley to contest the upcoming federal election. Damian is a Dunkley local and passionate about representing the region. He has been running a small business for the last six years, which has given him a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed in this field. As part of being a small business owner, he is always encouraging others to develop their own ideas and succeed for themselves—something he intends to transfer into the political sphere.

As a candidate for Dunkley, Damian will engage with the community to gain a deep understanding of their issues relating to political leadership; government economic management; and personal, community, and business freedoms. As an advocate for competitive sports, he looks forward to bringing his competitive nature to challenging the current political landscape. He aims to develop better ideas and return Australia to being a country of innovation, opportunity, and positivity.