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Dajen Tinkler
Candidate for North Sydney

Dajen Tinkler was born and raised in Sydney. In his younger years, like so many of us, he was apathetic about politics but as he watched the decline of Australia's industry, our way of life and our freedoms he realised it wasn't the country he grew up in anymore. 

Dajen realised the 2-party system has failed Australia and instead of giving in he got fired up. he's watched as government overreach and overreactions made life worse for all of us. 

He joined the LDP after discovering that it was the only party that was committed to smaller government and bigger freedoms. Dajen is willing to put his money where his mouth his when it comes to caring about the Aussie way of life and running as a candidate with the LDP is exactly how he's doing it - trying to take the concerns of his community into parliament and help stop the insanity.