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Christine Skrobo
Candidate for Bruce

Christine Skrobo was born and raised in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is the Liberal Democrats candidate for the seat of Bruce. She is fiercely passionate about ending COVID alarmism, giving small business owners the freedom to thrive and ensuring access to cheap and reliable energy. She holds core libertarian values and believes in maximising individual liberties whilst minimising the role of government. 

Christine’s motivation to run as a candidate this election arose from seeing an increase in government overreach throughout the pandemic and the lack of opposition within parliament. As a young person, she is greatly concerned with how the increasing government debt, rising cost of living and long-term effects of the pandemic response will impact the next generation. 

Christine is committed to ensuring the people of Bruce have their concerns heard and their views represented in parliament. She believes it is essential to hold the major parties accountable and ensure they do what they were elected to do which is to serve the people.