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Chloe Glasson
Candidate for Gellibrand

Chloe Glasson has lived in Melbourne all her life and is a local resident in Gellibrand, having lived in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne for two years. She is a firm believer in the principles that the Liberal Democrats ascribe to and has been a member of the party for three years.

Chloe believes that the Australian people know what is best for them and that they should have more control over their lives–both socially and economically–without the government attempting to micromanage every aspect of these areas.

Chloe believes that the Australian people deserve proper representation, from elected officials who will listen to their concerns instead of acting as though they know best. As a young person, she is greatly concerned by the knock-on effects of the government’s pandemic response, including the years of education that were lost or impacted negatively, the mental health effects and the increasing cost of living.