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Dr Barry Reed - Candidate for Shortland

Barry has been about care, service, and solutions for the people of Lake Macquarie for thirty years. Living in Lake Macquarie since 1991, Barry started as a public hospital maxillofacial surgeon caring for victims of facial fractures, severe infections, and mouth cancer.

When the Royal Newcastle Hospital was slated for closure by the NSW Liberal Government in 1991, Barry’s problem solving idea stopped them cold from closing the Royal down. Back in 1983, Barry’s first passion as a newly minted dentist from Sydney’s West, was caring for adults with severe disabilities at Westmead Hospital.

When NSW sufferers of infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, many of the latter being former Asian refugees, were stuck untreated on the NSW public waiting list in the 1980s, Barry problem solved by volunteering to commence the first NSW public dental clinic for sufferers of infectious disease at Westmead Hospital.

At age 48, Barry joined the Army Reserve, volunteering to help at remote Aboriginal communities. As a civilian aid volunteer, Barry visits Papua New Guinea - 12 times so far. Barry continues to care for his community of Lake Macquarie at his Charlestown and Toukley practices.

Barry has stepped up as our candidate for Shortland, as like you, he cares about solving the big problems facing our community of Lake Macquarie and facing Australia: living costs exploding, children behind in school, jobs at risk, our cherished freedoms crushed, our nation’s safety now at risk.

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