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Alison Marshall
Candidate for Brand

Never having aspired to be a politician, it wasn’t until the Howard era, when he had majority in both the upper and lower houses, Alison began to take notice. Harmful policies like the GST, new Industrial Laws, and Anti-Terrorism laws were introduced, removing our rights to privacy, and freedom from surveillance. She watched as Rudd/Gillard spent billions removing offshore detention, just to re-introduce it and blame the other side.

Recently, Alison contemplated leaving her job due to her right to choose being removed, however, the need to provide for her family meant that her autonomy would be forced into the hands of a government, that wouldn’t concede the right to wait for a medication she was more comfortable with. If elected, Alison will fight for a “Bill of Rights” so our rights will be protected, and we will no longer need to sacrifice our rights of choice, privacy, and self defence to the whims of a government that doesn’t represent us. She wants Low, Flat Taxes, and a higher tax-free threshold, so our hard earned cash stays in our pockets. She wants Business Reform, so Corporations become successful on their own merit, not because of intervention by Government, and competition crushing regulations.

Alison is a FIFO worker in Iron Ore and a mother of two. She’s a born and bred West Aussie, living in Perth, She didn’t become politically active until 2021 during the state election, when she joined the LibDems WA.