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Alexandra Thom
Candidate for Kooyong

Dismayed at the societal division created by our governments, Alexandra Thom will be a clear voice for respect in Parliament. Governments cannot make the right choice for individuals or communities because the wonderful diversity in our society means a one size fits all approach will fail every time. This is why Alexandra is running: to empower everyone to make their own choices and set their own goals. She will oppose legislative efforts that are increasingly divisive and restrict people’s freedoms. She sees efforts to decentralise education and promote freedom of speech as critical to this end.

Working in the manufacturing industry and sitting on her local kindergarten committee Alexandra has seen first-hand the productive time soaked up in deciphering and complying with overly complex regulations and will be a strong advocate for the one in two out policy, believing simplicity is the key to success. There is considerable scope to realise the benefits of regulation while removing government overreach.

Having grown up in Kooyong, Alexandra remains connected to the community through both friends and family. Known for her integrity and honesty, the people of Kooyong can be confident that Alexandra will be an effective representative for them in Canberra.