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Aleksandra Nikolic
Candidate for Boothby

Aleksandra grew up in Glengowrie and lives with her young family in Marino. She’s closely connected to her community and understands the challenges of the electorate and the changes they want to see. In addition to raising four children and studying for a Bachelor of Nursing, she owns a children’s clothing boutique. Her strong organizational and communication skills enable her to manage a busy life.

She has experienced the challenges of running a small business, especially during the pandemic. Aleksandra supports small government and increasing peace and prosperity through personal responsibility. This includes ending vaccine passports and mandates to enable everyone to return to work, implementing low flat taxes, and protecting the right to use cash.

With a strong family focus, Aleksandra believes schools should always be kept open, and supports reform in the child protection system and a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Aleksandra backs increasing accountability in government. She wants to see more transparency on political donations, the end of the two-party system, and more representatives who have real-life experience, not career politicians.