Liberal Democrats WA Council (Dec 17)

Liberal Democrats WA Council
General Council Meeting


  1. Open
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Motions with notice
    1. Self-Determination
      Recognising the right of all peoples to self-determination, Liberal Democrats WA call upon the federal parliamentary party to support the referendum for independence in Catalonia.
    2. Free Speech
      Liberal Democrats WA recognise that free speech is fundamental to a free society and express their concern at recent developments accross the world that challenge traditional notions of the enlightenment, including:
      • A move by the British Government to jail people for viewing "far-right" content online
      • Violence and intimidation during the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey
      • Attempts by various governments to ban the entry of individuals with controversial views
    3. Affirmative Action
      Recognising that merit trumps identity, Liberal Democrats WA support a gender-blind society and oppose attempts by government to preference individuals on the basis of their physiological traits rather than their ideas.
  5. Executive Reports
  6. General Business
  7. GUEST SPEAKER: Ron Manners, Chairman, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, on "Libertarianism and Constitutional Monarchy"


Entry Fee: $10 for non-students, $5 for students
Apologies to Secretary, Stephen Wells,
Policy Motions for next meeting to Vice President - Policy, TBA

December 06, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Rosie O'Grady's Northbridge
205 James St
Northbridge, WA 6003
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Stuart Hatch · 0434 561 219

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