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Assisted Suicide

The LDP believes adults have a right to end their own lives, with or without assistance, and to have access to information to help them do it.


Within a small government context, the LDP believes government should fund recurrent activities entirely through taxation and balance liabilities and assets to achieve the equivalent of zero net worth.


CannabisThe LDP supports the legalisation of use, cultivation, processing, possession, transport and sale of cannabis, with protection of minors and penalties for driving while impaired.

Competitive Federalism

altThe LDP supports competitive federalism as it was intended by the founders of the constitution.

Copyright and Patent Policy

Copyright and Patent The Liberal Democrats support intellectual rights in return for private creative endeavours, but opposes increased restrictions, such as is happening with copyright. The Liberal Democrats also believe that intellectual rights laws need to take into account the changing nature of society and technology.


National defence is a legitimate role of the Commonwealth government. However, unnecessary expenditure on defence contributes to excessive taxation.


The Liberal Democrats believe in constitutional democracy and support voluntary voting, citizens initiated referenda, fixed parliamentary terms, recall elections, constitutional protection of private property and sunset clauses on legislation.

Deregulate and Privatise

altThe LDP advocates an immediate end to government ownership of business enterprises including the ABC, SBS, Australia Post, Medibank Private, electricity generation and public transport services.


The LDP does not believe in either subsidising or unfairly taxing any particular source of energy, including nuclear.


The LDP values the natural environment within the context of a prosperous society that provides equal protection under the law and is based on respect for individual freedom, personal responsibility, small government and the defence of private property.

Equality before the law

All citizens should be treated equally before the law.


The LDP regards the right to own firearms for sport, hunting, collecting and self-defence as fundamental to a free society.

Foreign Aid

The LDP believes government foreign aid, other than short term humanitarian relief, should cease. 

Free Trade

Free Trade The LDP supports free international trade in goods, services and capital.

Freedom and Civil Liberties

The Liberal Democrats believe that freedom is precious, that our freedom is not conferred by government, that government poses great risks to our freedom, and that the role of government is the defence of freedom.


The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) neither supports nor opposes gambling. It considers it to be like any other form of entertainment - a matter of choice for responsible adults.


The Liberal Democrats will drastically reduce government interference in the right of individuals to manage their own health.

Higher Education

The Liberal Democrats will deregulate and privatise higher education, while retaining loans for tuition fees.


The Liberal Democrats would increase opportunities to live and work in Australia while carefully guarding access to welfare and citizenship.

Labour Market Regulation

alt The Liberal Democrats believe Australians should be free to enter employment and service contracts without government interference.

Lifestyle Choices

Adults must be free to make their own lifestyle decisions, including marriage, without interference by the government or any need for its approval.

Limited and Accountable Government

The Liberal Democrats will ensure that governments are restricted as to what they can do and kept accountable through extensive checks and balances.

Money and Banks

The Liberal Democrats believe that inflation is taxation by stealth, that the Reserve Bank should be more accountable, and that banks should be free to fail.


altThe LDP believes those who choose to use motorcycles and scooters should not be discouraged by government policies.

Police and crime

The Liberal Democrats believe Peel’s Principles of policing should comprise the basis of all police activities.

Relations with other countries

The Liberal Democrats support freedom and democracy at home and abroad. 

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom The Liberal Democrats support freedom of religion but oppose government involvement in religion including funding of programs based on religion and efforts to impose religious beliefs on others.

School Education

altThe LDP believes school regulation should be devolved to state level and funded through school vouchers that promote competition between schools and encourage parental choice.


altThe LDP is neither pro-smoking nor anti-smoking; it is pro-choice.


altThe Liberal Democrats support significant tax cuts in conjunction with a major reduction in government expenditure.

Traffic Laws

alt The LDP believes traffic laws should strike a better balance between safety and efficient travel.

Victimless Crimes

The LDP does not generally support the criminalisation of victimless crimes and seeks to reduce the intrusion of government into these areas.


altThe Liberal Democrats will modify the welfare system to foster a culture of independence and civil society without neglecting the genuinely needy.

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