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Federal Election 2010


2010 Federal Election
The LDP contested the 2010 Federal election with Senate candidates in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC & WA and 22 House of Representative candidates in electorates across NSW (9), QLD (4), SA (4) & VIC (5).
While the LDP did not achieve its goal of getting a member elected to the Australian parliament, the results indicate the Party is heading in the right direction and becoming a credible alternative in the Australian political landscape.
However, they also show that the Party’s base is in the eastern states, indicating a need for effort in the other states to grow the LDP nationally.
·         Glenn Druery (NSW Senate candidate) organised a preference flow to increase his vote from 2.31% to 8.59% such that he was the last candidate excluded from the NSW Senate count.
·         Nationally the LDP received 230,191 (1.81%) first preference Senate votes, vastly improving on the 2007 result of 16,942 (0.13%).
·         This result has the LDP placed amongst the minor parties of Family First (2.1%), Australian Sex Party (2.04%) & Shooters and Fishers (1.68%) and clear of the micro parties.
·         Ben Buckley (candidate for Gippsland) received 4895 (5.52%) first preference votes to clearly beat the Family First candidate (3.34%) and give the Greens (6.57%) a run for their money.
·         Nationally the LDP received 24,262 (0.20%) first preference votes across 22 House of Representative candidates, comparing favourably to the 2007 result of 17,048 (0.14%) votes across 47 candidates.
Senate Results
House of Representatives Results
La Trobe
Election results have been sourced from the Australian Electoral Commission and the Australian Broadcasting Commission.



In Victoria, AFL and media personality Sam Newman was happy to wear a Vote 1 LDP badge on the day prior to the election to support Victorian LDP Senate candidate Ross Currie.

The strategy was to get a candidate elected to the Senate through preferences with other minor parties.  Senate preferences did not favour the major parties (Labor, Coalition and Greens) - we sought to assist other minor parties first.

In the House of Representatives, the strategy was to use our preferences to determine the outcome in marginal seats. The party did not recommend preferences on a uniform basis, but seat by seat.  


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Senate Jim Fryar
Robert Fulton
Dickson Bob Hunter
Longman Josh van Veen
Griffith Greg Romans
Petrie Gabriel Buckley
New South Wales


Senate Glenn Druery
Lucy Gabb
Peter Stitt
Eden-Monaro Olga Quilty
Bennelong Terje Petersen
Greenway Joei de Lima
Robertson Nicole Beiger
Riverina Tim Quilty
Hume Lisa Milat
Gilmore Don Keys
Hughes Don Nguyen
Macquarie Peter Whelan
Senate Ross Currie
Graeme Klass
Deakin Ben Walsh
Corangamite Nathan Timmins
LaTrobe Shem Bennett
McEwen Mark Bini
Gippsland Ben Buckley
South Australia  
Senate Nick Kerry
Megan Clark
Adelaide Chris Steele
Boothby Michael Noack
Sturt Jess Clark


Michael Gameau
Western Australia  
Senate Mark Walmsley
Mark Dixon


Candidate Profiles

Jim Fryar

Jim Fryar has been selected to lead the Queensland Senate team for the Liberal Democratic Party in the federal election.

Mr. Fryar lives in Gympie, having been involved in farming there for some years before moving to the drilling industry.

During thirty plus years in mining and exploration he has gained a unique perspective on the nation, working in all sort of areas from the hearts of cities to some of the remotest parts of the country. These days he is mainly involved in training, trouble shooting, and consultancy.

Mr. Fryar said one of the most common threads to come up, no matter where you are, is out of control government. People have been increasingly irritated by the intrusion into their daily lives by three levels of government, all of which constantly pass rules that impact on the population.

From developing your land right through to taking the kids down to throw a line in the creek, the killjoys are there to restrict you and extract a price. 

“It makes me proud,” he said, “to stand with the Liberal Democrats against this. Our motto, ‘say no to the nanny state‘, really hits the nail on the head. All of us are sick and tired of elitists who think they know better than us how to run our lives."

Glenn Druery

Glenn Druery was born in Bankstown and raised in a working household in Sydney's western suburbs.

He has been self employed in the building industry most of his working life, more recently working in NSW parliament.

Glenn pursues a healthy, active lifestyle, spending much of his free time outdoors.  He is a dedicated cyclist, commuting to work most days and cycle-touring during holidays with his children and friends.  He is a world class long distance athlete, competing three times over the past five years in the 5,000 km Race Across America (RAAM) - often described as the world's toughest bicycle race.  In 2009 his team won the four man team event in 6 days 3 hours and 40 minutes. Glenn has also participated twice in the 1200 km Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), the oldest cycling event in the world, commonly known as the first Tour de France.

Glenn believes in practical environmentalism with sustainable housing and transport topping his list of interests. For instance, he ran his car on waste vegetable oil (WVO) for many years.

He is a long time supporter of democracy, small parties and Independents in politics. His affable personality combined with his natural ability with numbers has gained Glenn a reputation within the Australian political landscape as a consummate negotiator and strategist.

Glenn is philosophically a classical liberal, believing in small government and personal freedoms.

Mark Walmsley

Mark joined the Royal Australian Air Force from high school, completing a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering before graduating as a RAAF pilot.

After several years flying C-130H Hercules transports Mark and family moved to Manchester, UK to complete experimental test pilot training. Returning to Australia, he worked as a test pilot on several programs, flew C-130J Hercules aircraft operationally, and was a Commanding Officer of a 60-strong airworthiness, engineering and training unit.

In 2005-06 he served as the Commonwealth chief test pilot for the $3.4 billion Wedgetail AEW&C program in Seattle, and was a key contributor to ensuring the aircraft was a safe and capable weapon system. Returning to Australia, he was involved in a range of business improvement projects, military pilot training and served as program lead in a $197M cost saving exercise.

Mark strongly believes that only a strong economy can provide the wealth needs for high standards of health, education, environment and so on. Entrepreneurs and business people are wealth creators - not government - and need to be supported. Whilst government must ensure certain services are delivered, government monopolies over health, education and so on lead to poor service and higher costs. Reducing the cost burden of government and its negative impact on the wealth-creating sectors of the economy is a must.

Mark is married with two children aged 9 and 11. He has an MSc, MBA and BEng.

Mark Dixon

Dr Mark Dixon is a married father of two boys. He grew up in Fremantle but has lived and worked in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles and various parts of England. He returned to Perth in 2000.

Mark formed and coordinates Anysize Software, a business providing software development services to the Perth and international markets. Its consultants service, or have serviced, clients such as IBM Australia, University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University, Westpac Bank, Water Corporation, Motorola, Western Power, Alinta Gas, BOC and Nestlé.

Mark is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. His doctorate was done at UWA on international trade and trade finance.  He also has a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science. 

Mark is an avid motorcycle rider and supports riding as a commuting choice for reducing road congestion and pollution. 

He also believes that it is the responsibility of each person to make moral and ethical choices in their own life but that government imposition of legislative choices on such matters as euthanasia, marijuana use, and many other issues usurps personal choice and its associated personal responsibility.

Nick Kerry

Nick Kerry was born in Parramatta to hard-working, working-class parents who for many years worked in factories.
He has a BA majoring in politics and is a self-employed Consultant specialising in property renovations. He is currently the State Secretary of the Liberal Democrats in South Australia.

Nick is strongly supportive of lower taxes, less government interference and less red tape. The Liberal Democrats stand for smaller governments that get out of the way of ordinary Australians trying to live their lives in the way they want.
The Liberal Democrats support a lower tax approach that allows taxpayers to hang on to their hard earned money. "We support a tax-free threshold of $30,000 (instead of $6000) and a flat income tax of 30%. We also oppose government waste, including the Federal government's "Home Insulation Program" or the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program which cost taxpayers and the community $16.2 billion!"

Nick says: “The Liberal Democrats are the only alternative to Labor and Liberal. We will be the responsible party in the Senate and, if elected, support lower taxes and less government interference.”

Lucy Gabb

Lucy has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of NSW and also studied art, philosophy and politics. She lives in Paddington and works as a Search Marketer. She is an enthusiastic sportswoman; she enjoys hockey, swimming and Yoga, and cycles to work every day.

Lucy first became involved with the Liberal Democrats in the 2007 federal election. She was impressed by the fact that the candidates were not career politicians but everyday people standing up for their rights and working towards freedom. She was also attracted to the ideology of the party, with individual liberty as its main underpinning; it draws together two areas that Lucy believes are important for a stable community: liberal social policy and free market economics.

Lucy was the LDP's candidate in the Bradfield by-election.



Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton is 25 years old and has been a resident of Brisbane his entire life.  He has a career in IT working for a law firm.

Robert is very interested in philosophy and economics and the works of libertarian authors like Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand, who turned Robert's eyes against the planned state in favour of a much freer society. He believes that once property rights are appropriately defended, Australians can enjoy a healthy democracy.

Robert has become disillusioned by the major parties in politics, where consistency in policy and ideology is non-existent.
Robert looks forward to the day where individuals can make their own choices and be accountable for their actions and decisions, without the role of government controlling or manipulating outcomes through markets and social policy.

He identifies the Liberal Democrats as the only party with a wide policy platform supporting individual responsibility and smaller government.  "In the end, if you think you are best at managing your own life and your own consequences without government stepping in at every opportunity, then the LDP is the party for you," he says.

Ross Currie

Ross is a financial adviser and director of Alkimia Financial.  He has a Bachelor of Business and Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. 

Ross is a country boy at heart, growing up in Mildura before moving to Melbourne in 2001 to pursue business opportunities and be closer to his beloved Collingwood Football Club.  He enjoys keeping fit, playing football for the Banyule Amateur Football Club, gym training, running, playing golf and tennis when the opportunity arises.

Ross has a passion for music, has studied classical piano and is a self taught guitarist.  He enjoys reading a vast array of topics including history, archeology, astronomy, nutrition, politics and economics.

Ross was drawn to the libertarian philosophy through listening to and reading the ideas of Ron Paul.  He joined the Liberal Democrats in 2008, became a member of the Federal Executive and is now a Victorian Senate candidate.

He has a strong belief in sound money; that is, a commodity backed currency, and is a keen student of Austrian economics.  “Governments are not capable of allocating resources efficiently; if they were, socialist republics such as the USSR would not have failed.  Australians have seen many examples of the unintended consequences of government planning, most recently the disastrous Building Education Revolution and Home Insulation Scheme.”

“Government should be small and keep taxes to a minimum, allowing the free market to allocate resources. History provides many examples where this not only raises citizens’ standard of living, but also provides greater tax receipts to government despite lower rates as a result of the larger GDP generated by the economy.”

Ross is outspoken about the loss of freedom and liberties Australians have incurred in recent years and a strong opponent of the ‘Nanny State’.  

Terje Petersen

Terje Petersen grew up on a farm in regional NSW. His parents come from Norway and Denmark and arrived in Australia in the 1960s.

He is currently the national IT Manager for a global commodities company. He previously operated an IT consultancy business in Sydney for ten years.

He has been a long term advocate for stronger society through smaller government and more personal responsibility.

Terje is married with three young children. He has lived in Bennelong since 1998.




Olga Quilty

Olga Quilty is a 30-year-old Wagga Accountant. She has been living and working in Wagga for the last three years. Prior to that she lived in Adelong for 4 years.

Olga was born in Russia back when it was still the USSR. She migrated to Australia in 2004, and proudly gained Australian citizenship on Australia Day 2010.

Coming from Russia, she is well aware of the dangers of too much government interfering in people’s lives and destroying private property rights.

Olga is married to Tim, the Liberal Democrats candidate for Riverina. They have no children yet. 

Accountant by day, Olga is a language teacher at night, giving classes in German, English and Russian at the local community college and to private students.

Tim Quilty

Tim Quilty is a 36 year old Wagga based Accountant. He has lived and worked in Wagga for three years. Before coming to Wagga to take up accounting, Tim was a farmer at Adelong.

Tim was the Liberal Democrats candidate in Eden-Monaro at the 2004 and 2007 election. He has turned up to stand for election again because he believes the voters need the opportunity to vote for a party that doesn’t want to waste their money or make their choices for them.

Tim is married but has no kids yet. His wife Olga is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Eden-Monaro.
He is committed to the ideas of civil society and volunteerism, and of communities coming together to help themselves rather then running crying to the government when something goes wrong. He was a founding steering committee member and remains on the board of the Adelong Community (Bendigo) Bank, allowing him to put his belief into practical action.

His hobbies include reading, running for elected office and pretending to his wife that he is going to do renovations on the house “one of these days…” 

Lisa Milat

Lisa has lived in the Southern Highlands for 24 years and has 2 children. She is a small business owner, servicing the Wollondilly area and Southern Tablelands.

Lisa was a LDP candidate for the Senate in the ACT at the last federal election.

She has been involved in the local and wider community in various heritage and environmental projects. She ran for Council in the Wingecarribee Shire in 2008 with her own group. Her team’s policies were to fix roads, reduce rates and levies, privatise waste management services and assist business to provide youth and family recreation venues.

Lisa believes too many laws in Australian society restrict law abiding citizens while having no impact on reducing crime. 

 Donald Keys

Donald Keys was born in Bulli, NSW, and started his working life in advertising in 1977. By 1981 he had started his own graphics company.

In the spring of 2001 Donald embarked on a new career in publishing, starting the national music magazine "Trad & Now", and found himself dealing with people from all works of life, brought together by a common love of music.

In 2006, after selling off all his business interests and taking a twelve-month break in the United States, Donald returned to Australia to start a promotional products company that specialises in personalised corporate gifts.

Being self-employed his entire working life, Donald is passionate about maintaining the rights of the individual. Having experienced the erosion of personal liberties, and being smothered by excessive regulation, Donald feels it is time to join in the political discussion.

Donald believes in lower taxes, individual choice, and less government regulation. He believes in freedom of speech, freedom of association, and free trade. Donald would like to reduce the obstacles put in place by governments that hinder people's personal and financial development.

He currently lives with wife and children in Wollongong, where the mountains meet the sea just south of Sydney.

Nicole Beiger

 Nicole has been active in the entertainment and media fields from an early age. As a professional musician, she has performed in many well known venues throughout Australia. When she was just 21, using her experience and skills learned in the industry,  she established her own entertainment and events management company. 

Nicole holds a private employment agents licence and has extended her coverage to now include managing newspapers and media consulting.

Nicole has been a long-time member of the Liberal Democrats and supports all their policies on individual freedom,  low tax and small government. She is keen to encourage initiative and private enterprise among young people and would push to cut through all the red tape and reduce taxes for those involved in small business.

Nicole has a great love of the Australian bush and would  push for greater access for all to National Parks, many of which are locked away and have become overgrown with noxious weeds or used as rubbish dumps.

Nicole says, “Vote 1, Liberal Democrats in Robertson and the Senate. Say NO to the nanny state.”

Gabriel Buckley

Gabriel Buckley is a web developer and IT consultant in South-East Queensland. Born in Melbourne, Gabriel grew up in regional Victoria.

Gabriel finds the LDP platform to be a natural choice given a personal political philosophy emphasising individual freedom and responsibility.

"The government needs to spend less time (and money) worrying about what we drink, who we sleep with and whether or not we've got our seatbelts on; and more time safeguarding the rights and freedoms of ordinary Australians. As parents, consumers and citizens, we are in the best position to decide what is best for us, not the faceless bureaucrats of Canberra."

A keen musician, Gabriel has lived with his partner and two children in Redcliffe since 2009.

Don Nguyen

Don Nguyen has completed a BSc at the University of New South Wales and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Finance at the University of New South Wales.

He strongly believes in giving back to the community and has spent time volunteering to work with disabled children. He is also involved in the funding of tertiary level scholarships.

He has worked in stock market surveillance and currency trading. From this he has seen the effectiveness of free market forces along with the deleterious effects of excessive government interference.

In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, golf and skiing.

Peter Whelan

 Peter is a 66 year old farmer, businessman, investor and family man (6 granddaughters), with qualifications in electrical engineering. He holds a private pilot’s licence, is an active sporting shooter, a hunter of foxes, rabbits and deer, and enjoys playing golf.

He lives in Glenorie and is Treasurer of Glenorie RSL Club (the friendly little club in the bush). He is also National President of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Peter strongly believes in the principles of free enterprise, individual responsibility, small government and low taxes.  The Liberal Democrats are opposed to the three “old” parties, Liberals, Labor and The Greens, who all want to tax us to the hilt then argue over how about they will spend OUR money.

"We believe taxpayers want to keep more of their hard-earned money and can best decide how they will spend it, invest it, save it, or whatever. Bureaucrats in Canberra do not know how best to spend our money, or how we should run our lives."

"We could get rid of tens of thousands of unproductive Government employees, remove middle-class welfare rorts, return power to local communities and be far better off."

Joei de Lima

Joei is a 29 year old IT professional. He has lived in Sydney since his parents and two sisters emigrated from Brazil in 1987 and soon after were all Australian citizens.

Joei has either lived or gone to school in Bondi, Rydalmere, Erskine Park, North Parramatta, North Ryde, Wentworthville, Top Ryde, North Rocks, Epping, Linden, Chatswood, Windsor, Narrabeen, and Carlingford. As a result he is comfortable with anyone he meets.

Joei has had a developing interest in politics ever since he found out what a libertarian is. "I have been a libertarian all my adult life; I just didn't know it. When given the definition, I find a lot of people also realize they are libertarians."

Over the past several years Joei has been focusing on learning more about politics as well as economics, history and related areas. Joei discovered the Liberal Democrats during the last federal election and has been a member since.

"I believe that it is every voter’s duty to analyze their own beliefs about how they should be governed, cement those views with historical study and then familiarize themselves with the policies of all the available parties. If there is no party that you 100% agree with then it is your duty to run under your own principles next time. If your ideological preference is not a major party then it is your duty to help grow that party. One person can make a difference; small actions by many can affect great change. You don't have to give up your life to have a say in how it is run."

Josh van Veen

Joshua van Veen, born 1987, is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Longman.

He grew up in Elimbah in a large family and has completed a degree with majors in International Business and Management from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

His interest in politics has grown slowly, with much of his spare time now spent researching past and present political and economic philosophies. Some of Josh's interests include sports, technology, culture, history and music.

Joshua believes the Liberal Democratic Party is the only viable party that truly looks out for Australia's future interests. 

 Bob Hunter

Bob Hunter is a sound recordist/engineer in Brisbane where he has lived for the past two years. Born in Warwick, Bob grew up in Toowoomba where he was active in the cultural community as an instrumental music teacher and member of the Toowoomba Concert Band.

Bob was drawn to the Liberal Democrats by their opposition to the nanny state and government control.

"I was brought up being told Australia is a free country, and the Liberal Democratic Party is the only party committed to ensuring that", he says.

"I put my hand up to be a candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party because I don't want my generation to be the one that sees Australia slip into an overbearing nanny state and a police state."

Greg Romans

Greg Roman, aged 37, lives in Greenslopes with his wife and two children.  He and his brother operate a law firm known as Romans and Romans Lawyers, situated on Logan Road in Greenslopes. 

Greg was raised in Coorparoo and attended Marshall Road Primary School.  He strongly believes that the government's continual interference in the free market and in people's lives generally has resulted in a weaker and poorer society. 

Greg is anti-war, anti-tax, anti-censorship and anti-regulation.  He believes that individual freedom and the right of self-ownership are under increasing threat and are principles worth protecting. 

"With every new tax and regulation supposedly designed for the greater good, we each lose another freedom.  Our property is an extension of us yet it is taken away from us in the form of taxes and then squandered on various  wasteful government programs.  Ultimately I serve to protect the rights of the smallest minority group in Australia, the individual, from the expanding influence of government and the whims of the powerful lobby groups which governments are only too happy to satisfy."

Megan Clark

Photo removed at Megan's request

During her career, Megan has lived in a socialist nation, a libertarian nation and in countries that are in between. The libertarian nation was by far the easiest society to live in, as it enabled Megan to live a free and prosperous life!

Megan has now come home to Australia in hope that it can become a free society too. Megan says: “The memories of limited tax, efficient health and education as well as competitive business providing excellent services will never leave me.

I intend to do all I can to develop a society where we have less government control.”


Chris Steele

 Local businessman Christopher Steele is passionate about creating a truly free Australia.

Chris was born and educated in Adelaide and has lived in the Adelaide electorate for over 6 years.

Following many years of working as an advertising copywriter, Chris now conducts his own successful advertising agency. He is also a marriage celebrant.

Chris believes it is vital to overturn the ever-increasing intrusions of government into every aspect of people's lives.

He says that governments have no right to interfere in personal lifestyle choices; and no right to infringe upon an individual's economic activity. Therefore Chris will stand for lower tax, less government spending and an end to all laws that amount to "victimless crimes".

Chris enjoys bodyboarding, travel and family life and he is preparing to build a homemade recumbent bicycle.

Michael Noack

 Michael lives outside metropolitan Adelaide in SA's Fleurieu peninsula and works in the city as an IT systems programmer for one of SA's largest tourism operators.

Michael believes in a smaller, leaner government and for decisions to be made by local communities rather than distant, out-of-touch bureaucracies.







Jess Clark

 Jess grew up in both British Hong Kong and Adelaide. He has traveled extensively in Europe, the US, Canada, New Zealand and South East Asia.

He currently studies Political Science at Flinders University and aspires to become an academic and lecturer. He has received a high distinction in macro economics and distinctions for topics in Australian politics and international relations.

As a former Young Liberal, Jess became disillusioned with the conservative elements of the Liberal Party. Jess admires the political philosophers/economists Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Freidrich Hayek, John Stuart Mill and Charles Montesquieu.

Jess is single, atheist, gay and a passionate advocate for same sex rights.

Sports: Archery at the Adelaide archery club  Favourite political/philosophical novels: “Atlas Shrugged” and “Animal Farm”  High School: Eynesbury College

Michael Gameau

 Michael Gameau is a former Squadron Leader in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and is currently a professional services contractor in the Defence sector.

During his 19 year career as a Navigator with the RAAF he flew on both the P-3C Orion and C-130E Hercules aircraft.  He also spent seven years in Canberra where he gained significant experience working in government.

In 2003 Michael received a commendation for his role as the Tactical Coordinator with the first Orion crew deployed to the Middle East for the Gulf War.

Michael grew up in the seat of Makin, attending Banksia Park Primary and High Schools and playing football with the Tea Tree Gully District Football Club.

Michael has an Associate Degree in Business Studies and a keen interest in finance and politics.

Graeme Klass

Graeme is an electronics, IT and software engineer, running his own company (Klassic Ventures). He studied at the University of Western Australia and completed a combined double degree in Engineering (Electronics) (Hons) and Commerce. In 2000 he was awarded a scholarship to complete his Masters of Engineering (Microelectronics) from the Victorian Government.

Graeme’s career has spanned a number of industries. He has worked at the Department of Defence in the Navy Aviation Systems Project Office; led research teams at RMIT University in the field of mobile and micro-systems technology; was employed as a business analyst at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and a Chief Information Officer at a boutique Melbourne law firm.

Graeme has business start-up experience in launching multimedia, online ventures and consumer electronics. Drawing on his sporting childhood, Graeme is now focusing on developing technology to motivate children to stay active.

Graeme also runs a blog called “Libertarian Engineer” (www.graemeklass.com) with musing on life, libertarianism, politics and model rockets.

Shem Bennett

Shem Bennett is a philosophy student from Narre Warren where he has lived for the past three years. After graduating high school and travelling internationally for 18 months he returned to Australia with a firm interest in politics and began exploring many different parties and philosophies. In the end he joined the Liberal Democrats and stood as a candidate in the 2007 federal election in his hometown division of Bass.

Shem believes strongly in the individual and is sceptical of claims that the government is able to solve complex problems. He believes strongly that community organisations and private businesses should be promoted and encouraged. He believes the private sector is often able to solve complicated issues far more effectively and efficiently than central government.

Growing up in Tasmania, Shem has a strong appreciation of the natural environment and one of his hobbies is hiking in the beautiful forests and parks in and around South East Melbourne. He is also very passionate about education and youth rights as well as being an outspoken critic of the proposed internet filter.

Ben Buckley

Ben Buckley lives at Benambra and is well known to the Gippsland rural community. For many years he was co-owner and Chief Pilot of Alpine Aviation, involved in crop dusting plus emergency Medivacs and mercy flights.

At 72, Ben is still involved in the provision of fire spotting services and general aviation.

Ben’s early years were spent in contract deer culling in New Zealand where he also learned to fly. His fame and skill as a pilot spread and one of Ben’s major achievements was flying an ultra-light aircraft from Australia to New Zealand.

Ben’s adventures and anecdotes around his flying, disputes with Aviation Department bureaucracy and community activities are contained in the book ‘Buckley’s Chance”, published in 1998.

Ben has always been a staunch supporter of the timber industry as well as pushing for better access to the bush by four-wheel drivers and hunters. His passion for community issues led him to enter local government and he has been a local Councillor for many years.

Ben has been a proud fighter for the people of Gippsland, helping make the Great Alpine Road a tourist icon as well as pushing for the all-weather upgrade of the Mitta Mitta and Benambra-Corryong Roads.

Mark Bini

  Mark Bini is a 41 year old General Manager of a large manufacturing business. He has a GDBA and an MBA and has managed large and national companies for the past 15 years.

Mark grew up in Rosanna and Heidelberg and moved to the Green Belt (Diamond Creek) 2 years ago and plans to move to Doreen in the coming 2 years.

He is passionate about seeing the increasing interference and incompetence of governments put to a stop. He believes we are over governed, over regulated and our civil rights are being eroded away. Current government expertise and ability to truly run the country profitably like a good private enterprise business is almost impossible given their addiction to tax, debt, and ridiculous spending decisions.

Mark believes in less government, less tax, less welfare for those who do not deserve it, and less penalties and fines for doing every tiny wrong thing on the road.

Ben Walsh

Ben Walsh is a secondary school student from Melbourne. He is a keen student of the Sciences and would like to pursue a career in chemistry and politics. He is from a working class family in Melbourne.

Ben speaks two languages, English and Greek, and attends a language school to further his knowledge of the Greek language and Hellenic Society.

The seed of Ben's political views were first sewn by the writings of John Adams (second US president and profoundly influential founding father), and Thomas Jefferson (another President and founding father, also the author of the declaration of independence). These men are both considered crucial to our current understanding and interpretation of liberty, equality, democracy and freedom.

Ben lists other influences as Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, Dr. Alexander Shulgin and Professor Richard Dawkins.

Nathan Timmins

Nathan is 22 years old and currently undertaking his fifth and final year of a Law/Commerce (Accounting) degree at Deakin University in Geelong. He was born and raised in Geelong.

He has been a keen sportsman, having played football (soccer), tennis and competed in athletics at representative level. He is also a keen football fan.

Nathan is passionate about protecting civil rights, which he feels are being eroded at an ever increasing rate. He feels there should be a greater emphasis placed upon personal responsibility and that many of our choices usurped from the people by government should be returned.

He strongly opposes the proposed internet filter, as he feels that freedom of expression is a fundamental tenet of a functional democratic society – censorship is a slippery slope. He is also concerned by the possibility of compulsory student unionism being reintroduced; he feels it is an outrage that cash-strapped students should be forced to bankroll organisations which are increasingly out of touch with those they purport to represent.

Nathan has a keen interest in tax law and policy, and is a strong advocate for the party’s 30/30 income tax policy. 

He feels that the current political duopoly in Australia needs to be broken in the interests of democracy. “A lot of people seem to see the current situation as a choice between the lesser of two evils as opposed to a positive choice. The major parties are more concerned with winning votes as opposed to any notion of principles. I see the Liberal Democrats as a viable, positive alternative.” 

Some of his influences include enlightenment philosopher Voltaire; economist Milton Friedman, and human rights lawyer Julian Burnside QC.

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